Recruitment Consultants

We here at Reliable Consultants work with employers and job seekers to fit the right person to the right job. We research the job market, increase their knowledge of the local market through networking, provide advice about the job market to employers, and source suitable candidates through existing networks and by advertising online & offline. We maintain an extensive network of contacts, including both employers and candidates, and regularly conduct interviews with candidates for specific roles.

Employee recruitment and selection is an important function for any business, which can be a rather time consuming process. Whether you are a start-up or have an existing business, our in-depth employee recruitment services will not only ensure that the right people are hired, we will also assist with ensuring that your new employee(s) are fully settled within your company and assist with creating customized new employee hiring forms if needed.

Effective Employee Recruitment Strategies will assist your business in acquiring the Right Staff to ensure Long Term Success!

Our employee recruitment services handle the seemingly mundane tasks such as posting and advertising for job positions, reviewing resumes, and providing a log of qualified candidates. Our employee recruitment services include:

• Online job postings
• Finding potential candidates/applicants
• Reviewing and sorting resumes
• Customized resume log capturing applicant information and expertise
• Scheduling interviews
• Issuance of new hire paperwork